The way you dodge and burn your photos can mean the difference between a “good” photograph and a “great” photograph. It’s really that important! Using a pressure sensitive tablet and the right brushes makes the job easier and much more fun. I get a lot of questions about setting up those kinds of brushes in Photoshop. This video should demystify that for you.

For more on dodging and burning, check out this video.


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  1. Hello Jim,
    this is a very educational video!
    I wonder, can I do the same in ON1, I mean make the same brush settings to use with my Wacom tablet?

    1. Hi Peter.
      Photoshop and ON1 work in completely different ways. The procedures in this video apply only to Photoshop. However, ON1 does support pressure-sensitive tablets. You will find the checkbox in the brush settings with opacity, etc. I hope this helps. Thanks for watching!

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