A Way To Better Black& White


“It’s about mastering the use of a limited visual palette in such a way that you actually EXPAND your ability to express yourself.”

What others are saying:

You’ve inspired me and made me understand what vision is: something made real through creative work. And you’ve taught me how to use tools and techniques that will make my vision come to life. You’ve taught me that I’m an artist who happens to use a camera.

“You are my source of inspiration, after several years being away from photography, You gave me the tools to express myself and you know very well how important and valuable this process is for our existence as human beings.”

“He always reminds you that you’re better than you were yesterday and will be even better tomorrow.

But be warned! If you become Jim’s student, you will not be just learning techniques. You will find yourself on a path into the imagination.”

Included in this course!

Plus, more fun and learning than you could pack into a college course!

Make Expressive Black and White Photos

As a photographic artist, you know that Black & White photography has its own special set of challenges. That’s because it’s about more than just 256 shades of gray. It’s about using tone and contrast in a compelling way. It’s about creating a visual roadmap for anyone that views your work. It’s about mastering the use of a limited visual palette in such a way that you actually expand your ability to express yourself. This course is a deep dive into those challenges. It’s not designed to simply overcome them. It’s designed to obliterate them!

Jim has been teaching this method in the classroom for years and has been internationally awarded for his own work. But it’s the students of Black and White Artistry who are the real stars. Several alumni have gone on to become award-winning photographers themselves. This approach is classroom tested and it delivers the goods!

By themselves, tools are just that: tools. It’s how and why you use them that makes the difference. That’s what Jim will teach you in this course. Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

Creative Contrast

Think Like A Painter, Part One

Think Like A Painter, Classic Masters

Think Like A Painter, Modern Masters


Camera Profiles & LUTs, Part One

Camera Profiles & LUTs, Part Two

Camera Profiles & LUTs, Part Three

The RAW Stage

Integrating Photoshop


Useful Blend Modes

The Artful Use Of Contrast;  Why and How

The Artful Use Of Contrast; The RAW Tools

The Artful Use Of Contrast; Photoshop Tools & Techniques

The Artful Use Of Contrast; Structure and Application


The Artful Use Of Contrast: An Experiment

Multistage Glows: Building The Glow

Multistage Glows: Dealing With Noise

Multistage Glows: Final Workflow


What is Advanced Black and White Artistry?

Definitely NOT!
Nothing from the first course is repeated here. This is all new material that Jim has been perfecting for the past 2 years. If you already own Black & White Artistry, you’ll build on those skills and rocket your work to a whole new level.

The entire course is conducted in Adobe Camera RAW CC and Photoshop CC. In order to use the LUTs you will need a subscription to Abobe CC. No plugins or other software is used.

Please be patient, this is a very large download @ 3 Gigabytes.  All of the videos were recorded at 1080p HD, While it is a rather large download, it is being hosted on Amazon S3′s reliable server.  It is highly recommended that you use one of the following browsers to download the file:

Download the Bonus Content


Bonus Video 1 – Strategic Keys To Creative Contrast



Bonus Video 2 – Think Like A Painter, Part 1


Take your Black and White photos to a whole new level!

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