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You’ve inspired me and made me understand what vision is: something made real through creative work. And you’ve taught me how to use tools and techniques that will make my vision come to life. You’ve taught me that I’m an artist who happens to use a camera.

“You are my source of inspiration, after several years being away from photography, You gave me the tools to express myself and you know very well how important and valuable this process is for our existence as human beings.”

“He always reminds you that you’re better than you were yesterday and will be even better tomorrow.

But be warned! If you become Jim’s student, you will not be just learning techniques. You will find yourself on a path into the imagination.”

Included in this course!

Plus, more fun and learning than you could pack into a college course!

One of the most difficult things for any photographer to master is the art of composition. Composing a compelling photograph is about much more than the four points available to us on the Rule of Thirds grid. In our hearts, we all know that doesn’t work.

Composition is about so much more! It’s about relationship and proportion. It’s about contrast, color, and light. It’s about the underlying story that you, as an artist, are trying to grasp in order to share it with others. More often than not, they all come together on the head of a pin and can topple into a mess If pushed too hard in one direction or another. Composition is about finding and maintaining the tension point created by the interplay of all these things.

This course is designed to enable you to navigate this delicate balance with ease and grace so you can produce photographs that captivate your audience. And you’ll be able to do it on demand. This is no small feat. Beyond Compensation delivers the goods!

Jim has been teaching aspects of this approach with great success in workshops around the world. He is a veteran of the classroom and is a seasoned working artist. Many of his students have become award winning photographers. This method has been tested in both the classroom and in the field and IT WORKS!

Prologue: On The Street

On Location with Jim,

Art & Vision with Neale Zingle,

The Challenge of Shooting Large Scale Architecture


 1. Introduction To Dynamic Symmetry

What It Is and Why It’s Important

Simple and Perfect, EVERY Time

Rule of Thirds, We Hardly Knew Ye


2. Why It Works, Part One

Movement in Still Photographs: Creation and Analysis

Seeing “Fresh”: Old Ways Made New

Tying Into Black & White Artistry’s Contrast Models


 3. Why It Works, Part Two

Creating An Anchor and Finding Relationship

Taking Complete Control Of The Frame

WHY Some Things Just Don’t Work


4. Easy Editing On The Grid

Foolproof Editing From A Fool Who Knows

Demo: Total Victory In Minutes Using Only Curves And A Mouse

The End Of “Guessing”


 5. Workflow #1

Don’t Search For It, Nail It Instead

Of Angles And Spirals

Geometry Does All The Heavy Lifting


6. Workflow #2

Breaking It Down To Basics

A Black Castle

The Magic Formula: Contrast and Diagonals


7. Workflow #3

Connecting Through Dynamics And Simplicity

The Primal Connection: Moving With The Grid

 Color Grading And Creating Light


What is Beyond Composition?

It couldn’t BE more different. Other instructors may cover the technical and mechanical aspects of these tools, but Jim digs deep into the artistic application of this method, investigating not just how to use these tools, but why anyone should. Because of his 40 years of experience across many art forms, he makes connections that no one else makes. It’s not the tools that are different, it’s how he uses them and what he gets out of them that makes this such a unique experience.

The entire course is conducted in Adobe Camera RAW CC and Photoshop CC. The brushes are for use on a Wacom tablet only. The Nik Collection is occasionally used to demonstrate creative options only but is not required or necessary to get the most out of this course.

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    Custom Gradients and Brushes

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