Creating Custom Brushes in Photoshop

The way you dodge and burn your photos can mean the difference between a “good” photograph and a “great” photograph. It’s really that important! Using a pressure sensitive tablet and the right brushes makes the job easier and much more fun. I get a lot of questions about setting up those kinds of brushes in Photoshop. This video should demystify that for you.


Creating and Controlling Light

At the end of the day, It’s really about the light. Without it, we see nothing. If you’re skilled with it you can have a fair degree of control over how your work is experienced by those who view it. So creating it in a controlled way can make the difference between a good photograph […]


The Olympic National Park Challenge

What would happen if we simply refused to accept the world as we’ve been taught to see it? What would happen if we refused to accept ourselves in that way? If we did that, we’d step out the the “cause and effect”mindset that we’ve inherited and into mythic time and mythic space. We’d find ourselves […]


How To Use The Gradient Map to Make Black and White Photos

Making exceptional black and white photos can seem like a mystery.So many choices! Photoshop gives us many ways to convert a color photo into black and white. But not all are equal. The Gradient Map Adjustment Layer is one of the most black and white powerful tools anywhere. In this video, you’ll learn how to use […]


How I Was Inspired By A Young Artist

I’m just a guy with a camera and I really have no freaking idea how I do what I do. The work comes from somewhere else. It’s a gift and I’m entrusted with it. I’m a vessel, nothing more. The more I realize that the easier it is for me to deal with the ups […]


Making Moody Film Noir Photos

moody, atmospheric, black and white

This moody photograph comes from the Photographing Hidden Chicago workshop that I did with Blake Rudis and Nick Sinnott from R.S. Chicago Photography Classes. It rained so much that we set a precipitation record for that day. But we made the best of it and came away with some great shots. This is a perfect […]


Imagination, Classic Rock, and Raisins

How can you use your Imagination in your photography? Read on, dear friend, and I’ll tell you. It seems to me that I have an unusual view of my own work. I’ve often been asked how I felt about critiques and whether I have ever submitted my work for one. My answer is that my […]


How To Prepare A RAW File For Creative Editing

I’ve seen so many people box themselves in while editing their RAW files. Applying finishing techniques In Lightroom or another RAW editor before bringing the file into Photoshop is a mistake. There is a proper way to prepare your photos that will give you maximum flexibility in your creative edit. There are two things that […]


Imagination and The Fine Art Photograph

We artists suffer immensely from our inability to easily tap Imagination and translate it into meaningful work. I meet so many photographers who struggle profoundly with the question of their personal vision. “How do I know what it is?” “How can I figure it out?” “How will I know when I find it?” Let’s start with a basic idea and turn it into a simple and fun photographic exercise.